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Subject: Early Morning Jogs (incest) part 1 Waking up early in the morning,is basically not
uncommon for me. I get up around 5 a.m. every day.Seven days a week
whether or not I am working at the office or at home or just taking a
care free day.Usually on Sundays,as my wife heads off to church with the
kids,I am already out for my morning jog.Afterwards,I go to the gym for
a great 2 hour workout.I am back home by the time they return.Then its
family day,unless she wants to visit her folks or siblings or some
relative or friend. It doesn't matter to me. Its nice when they do. I
get to read the Sunday paper. Work on some projects that I'd been
meaning to get to.
Lately,my son, Chad, has been staying home. He is at that teenage stage
of 16,where partying til 2 young candid shots a.m. is important to him.Without a job,he
finds a away to partyHe sleeps the day away until almost dinner time. My
wife enforces that I challenge him to get up early and to be more
productive. Its easier for me to talk to a wall than it would be
getting through to him. I should know. was his age once.
Its Sunday again.Only this time, I was late getting out of the house.I
couldn't find my gym card. It must have fallen out when my wife cleans
my bag.I heard the toilet flush.Chad must be up.Then goes back to bed. I
looked out from my room.There he was ass naked heading back young wives posing to his room.
He probably thinks that everyone is gone.I'm extremely young
just glad that I seen him
instead of his siblings or worse,his mother.Not a bad looking kid.Strong
back.Bubble butt.Shoulder length hair.Killer smile. It better be for
what those teeth cost me for him.I didn't see his front.Not that I
thought about it as much.Then I got a chub in my pants. I cntinued on
looking for my card. I found it behind my dresser. I left my room.I
pasded by Chad's room. There he was laying on his side asleep.NOT!!!! He
was jerking off.He left his door open.He is really going to town on his
cock.He started turning over and I headed down the stairs quietly.
I started today off differently. I went to the gym first. There young living shampoo were
some really toned shape guys about my age. Some of these guys are dads
who brought along their sons. I done my two hours. Then showered.I sat
in the steam room awhile. As the steam calmed down a bit,I could see
this guy getting head. I don't know what made me look.The point is I am.
I never thought about guys giving guys blow jobs. The guy giving head
looked at me.He seen me aroused and started heading my way. I split from
the steam room.I showered again.Dressed and split for my morning jog.
I went to adifferent park today. Its young seventeen fhoto suposed to be
secluded.Quiet.Tranquil. I put on my head phones to my Ipod the kids got
me young wives posing
for Christmas and jogged away to my hearts content. At one point,I
slowed down because my leg started cramping up. I stopped.I started
heading to the men's room in the park but saw an older gent and two
young guys go in there too. I peed along a tree.It felt good having my
cock hanging out. I put it back in in case any sees me and reports me. I
sat down abit waiting for my leg cramp to stop. I seen the older gent
come out of the men's room.The two young guys were not far behind him.
The one looks great.I couldn't see the other one.
By now,I was Porn young lolas thinking of my son being naked.The guys at teh gym getting
a blow job.Now the old gent getting one. Unfortunately,my wife's and I
sex life has dried up.Anything pertaining to sex except a kiss,is too
much for her. Usually I end up like my son,jerking off in the shower or
on the john.I made my way to the men's room. I was curious. I looked
around. No sign of cum anywhere. Either they swallowed or they cleaned
up. I split. Back home I went.
My wife and the kids,minus Chad left for an over night stay at some
amusement park five hours away.I tried to get Chad to do some father-son
stuff.Go young naturist smooth to baseball game.Go out to eat. Look at cars.He wanted to hang
out with his buddies. I slipped him a $20 bill to have a good time.
Like a good kid,he thanked me. He was getting ready. I walked in on him
showering. Lathering up his handsome Californian tanned body.His dirty
blonde hair.He was turned abit.I still didn't see his cock.
"Sorry Chad,I came in here looking for some aspirin.My leg is cramping
up". extremely young super young thong "Its ok,Dad,'as he draped a towel
around his body,"I'm done.I'll be out in awhile."
Before I knew,he was gone. I sat and watched cable. Then came on a soft
porn movie.A woman stripping own to nothing,yet the amn could only show
his chest and ass.I was aroused by the young man in the film. I got
aroused. No on else is home. I started jerking off.Before I knew it,the
front doort had opened.It was Chad.I hurried up and put my
throbbing,ready to cum cock away. "Home early?" "Yeah,I have thiings
to do tomorrow as usual". He went on to bed. "I'l be hitting the sack
myself shortly.want to go jogging with me Porn young lolas
in the morning,then to the gym
before you do your usual stuff?" "No thanks." He went on to his room.
I waited for about a half hour.It seemed like eternity.I turned off the
tv and climbed the stairs. his lights were out and door was closed.
Today,is Sunday again. This time,I went to the gym again and the new
park. I had seen the young guy from alst Sunday. He was waiting outsied
of the men's room. I know for certain he is some kind of a hustler. No
sex. Not even a jerk off.I headed to the men's room. The young boyish
looking guy said," Ging in there to pee or for a blow job?" "I'm going
in to pee.Do you mind?" I went in to the urinal. The other guy
followed me in. I stood at the urinal peeing.He stood next to me.He kept
looking at me and trying to look at my crotch.I stood back abit for him
to catch a glimpse.He smiled. Then he showed me his I nodded. He showed
me aglory hole to one of the stalls. I entered the other stall. I put
my cock through it. The guy started sucking on me. Then it was another
mouth too. Two tongues on my cock aroused me.Then I shot my load.Zipped
up.The young guy came out,"Twenty bucks",he said. "I only have a fifty
on me.I gave the twenty to my son last night" I gave the fifty to him
and split in case extremely young it was a cop. I continued on with my jog.
I had a few errands to add to my run.even stopped off at the ATM fo
more cash. I was back home by two in the afternoon. When I got home,
Chad was up and about.His bed had been made. Room cleaned. Trash taken
out. I heard him doing laundry. "Hey hot shot,you're pretty good" "What
do you mean?" he had a guily look on his face. "You're not in trouble.If
anything I am proud of you. You never cease to amaze me." I shook his
hair. "Didn't know you liked what I had done" he said. "Are you
kidding.You made me proud:I couldn't have asked for a better son who can
please his ol man the way you have today". "You know that it was me at
the urinals today?" My face dropped.So did my stomach like I young extreme porn was about
to throw up.As if someone kicked me in the stomach and in the groin at
the same time. "It was you..?" "as xxx youngest xxx soon as I heard you say how you game
me yur last twenty last night. I am sorry Dad. " "Is this how you been
making money to party?" He nodded yes. "I may not get m twenty-five back
from your pimp,but I am going to collect on the twenty five I agve
you.Drop them". My son dropped his pants.I dropped him to his knees.He
began sucking on my cock >I face-fucked his 16 year old mouth.In and
out I felt his tongue wetting my cock. He took it all the wya down to my
bush. I pushed his head against my stomach.I herad him gaga once in
awhile. Finally I shot my load right dwn his fucking throat. Some cum
came out.I scooped it up on my thumb,.I made him lick that too.Then got
himup. I bent him over and began fucking his ass. "Oh I see you like
guys fucking your ass as loose as you are.Take teen young nude
my daddy cock." He moaned
and groaned,"Don't stop.Harder.harder." I pumped him and groped his cock
and jerked it off until he shot his load. Im pulled out of my wallet a
twenty."Here's another twenty.You serviced daddy well".
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